Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Merdeka Day!

Tomorrow, 31st of august we Malaysian will celebrate our independence day. it has been 52 years our country has freed from the colonization. Today, Malaysia has developed rapidly and well known by the world. Our achievements are undeniable and we have become role model in many things. We are now moving towards vision 2020 in attaining the developed nation status.

Since independence we have attained so many achievements. Nearly forty years ago, we moved very slowly. We don’t have enough expertise among Malaysians to help the government in developing the country. We faced many difficulties during that time. May 13 racial riot also has deteriorated the situation and scare us till now. From the past, we learn from mistake. Our government has taken action and did their best to make policies which can ensure our competitiveness in economy for the sake of the people.

Government also is looked concern in promoting the social welfare where the rate of poverty has decreased drastically. The national education policy has succeeded to form intellectual societies. Since 1960, our local universities have born many experts as well. This achievement has undoubtedly contributed a lot for the development in many fields.

The movement to attain independence was very difficult. We face many challenges and tribulations. Some nationalist, leaders, and armies died in their strive to attain the independence. We cannot forget their contributions to free this country and their efforts will be remembered forever. They are willing to do everything. Many nationalists such as Dato’ Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman had led the people to oppose the Malayan Union and made them realize that people in Tanah Melayu want to be independent.

However, we also cannot forget the efforts and contribution of left movement’s leaders during that time. Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, Ahmad Boestamam, and Pak Sako had strived to free this nation from imperialism. Nowadays, young generations think only Umno strive and led the people to push for independence. But, not only Umno. Before Umno was formed, many associations like API, AWAS, and Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM) played important role to increase the awareness of the people about the bad impact of colonization, imperialism and so on.

It must be noted, even the weak become strong when they are united. Therefore, unity will help a lot in the development of economy, social, education system, etc. Today there are many problems, disputes and crisis which plague us. As a multiracial country which lived by 3 main races we face such big challenge in ensuring a better future for Malaysia. Peace and harmony need to be guaranteed. Racial integration must be consolidated and strengthen.

Right now, racial issues and religious issues are still being played especially by politicians. If this happen continuously, our nation is at stake. We cannot prejudice our future. Basically, we don’t have difficulty to encourage unity. The problems appear when it comes to politic. Sometimes differences of opinion cause uncomfortable atmosphere and it makes hard for them to live together.

Independence means not only free from the colonization. it must be defined broadly. Independence also means we are free from corruption, abuse of power, poverty, mismanagement, crime, riot etc. we cannot let this things happen. Independence includes respect for human rights, human dignity and social justice as well. We must uphold the supremacy of the constitution, rule of law and equality before the law.
This country should be governed by law.

We need to comply and respect what has been enshrined in the federal constitution which becomes the supreme law of the land. A truly independence judiciary must be put in place. Besides, the government and the people should also understand the constitution and constitutionalism. We must ensure that the people do not live in fear. Crimes should be prevented seriously. The people should be given freedom subject to limitations provided by the constitution. This is the real meaning of independence.

Happy Merdeka Day!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Right to information and cyber freedom -Part 1

Nowadays, access to information is becoming easier. World now is well known as no boundary. In most developed and developing countries internet is a necessary and without internet people will face difficulties. It is undeniable that internet play important role in managing all businesses in our daily life. It has something to do to form an informed citizenry as well. The access to the internet has widened from day to day and right now people have very wide access to information. Any latest news are kept updated from time to time which enables the people to know what is going on around them. This development also has eradicated the communication barrier where people don’t have to take so much time to convey such information among them through email etc.

Recently, the government proposed to censor websites which contain pornography elements. This suggestion got many reactions from the people. Those who disagree think that the proposal not only restricts the pornographic elements but also the restriction of all materials which harm to the public. This broad definition may include seductive articles or any writing seems to criticize the government. This what they think and in their opinion, the intention of the government is not to censor the porn but to restrict access to political blogs or website. They just use this ground in order to shut the people voice.

This issue deals with freedom of speech and expression. Federal constitution has enshrined this kind of liberty in the article 10. However article 10 needs to be read as a whole together with some limitations. Generally, in constitutional law, freedom of speech and expression is a combination of many rights in many forms. It includes so many things such as communication by word of mouth, signs, symbols and gestures and through work of art and so on. Press freedom is one of them but the constitution silent about this where there is no mention in the constitution about freedom of press and electronic media.

The drafter of the constitution couldn’t foresee the development of cyber technology. That’s why there is no clear provision in the constitution to govern this. But we do have a few acts such as defamation act, sedition act, computer crimes act etc as a guideline. The cyber world has globalized the information and simplifies the way for the access. At the same time, some people abuse this rights by circulating rumors, alleging someone falsely, defaming, reveal confidential and secret things and so on. To what extent the law can cover this scope still remains in question

Permatang Pasir

i think it’s not too late for me to comment on the recent by election. It’s Just a short note. Pas has retained the permatang pasir seat. Even though the majority decrease but they are still the winner. This is expected since the majority previously was about five thousands something. Actually the victory of pas was also contributed with the issue of BN candidate’s disbarment from the legal practice. If this issue not arises, I expect that most probably the majority will be lesser. We could see PAS played this issue every day since the election campaign started. This has affected Rohaizat’s reputation and credibility which implicitly causes the voters to lose their hopes and confidence towards him. What makes me curious is why BN choose that kind of person as candidates. Is he the best choice that BN can put as candidate? we must remember whenever by election is held many people will concern and keep focusing to that constituency to follow on what is happening from day to day until the election day. Every eyes focus to that area and indirectly the election’s result has a big influence towards the voters as a whole. That’s why every political party cannot take it for granted. Since the last GE, Pakatan Rakyat has won 8 times and lost once. BN has been given so many opportunities to restore the public confidence. Seems that they are not really serious in convincing people that they are still relevant. If BN keep losing continuously in other by election next time, don’t get shocked when suddenly a day after next GE, they are no longer in power.