Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've nothing to say.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

everybody wants $$$$$ huh??

Every fresh graduate wants to get a good job with high starting salary. Everyone expects as such. Now, everything is money. Without money, u r nothing. Girls will not even look at u (joking). But, yes.. money is extremely crucial today. A happy person may turn to be an unhappy person if he or she is poor, lazy, and doesnt have money. Money will be ur main concern if u live in city. The cost of living is getting higher and higher.

So, u shd have a high purchasing power. In jb, if u just earn 3k per month, and u r married, n ur wife is just a housewife, jobless, i have no idea how u r gonna live. I mean, u still can survive, but u will have a moderate way of living. It is much more worse in KL. With 3k income, u can only afford to own a flat. A low cost flat. dont be shocked if i tell u guys, 15k per month will just give u a terrace house in KL or JB. So just imagine how high the living cost is.

So,everyone concerns about money. Thus, income wd be a crucial subject among students who r about 2 finish their study. Many want to join private while the rest prefer to be in govt. Ive gone through internship programmes at two place this year. First, ministry of foreign affairs( we used to call it wisma), while secondly, at a medium size law firm, syed alwi ng n co. So, I am interested in making a comparison between salary given by d govt and private sector.

Well, It is a common perception that we r gonna get a good starting income if we join the private sector. Its not always true. Some big companies give an unreasonable salary which is quite low as compared to what the govt does. Nowadays, some assume that thing seems to have turned otherwise. They say you may get a high starting income by working with the govt. Just look how much does a fresh teacher get. Its even more than the amount a fresh lawyer gets.

We can see some stingy small law firms give a very small amount of payment to the chambering students and the legal assistants. But when it comes to some well known firms, the salary will be a bit higher. Maybe just a one or two hundreds more. This is the worrying trend that im seeing in our legal profession. Thats the reason why most of law graduates tend to join the government sector to start their carrier. They can get almost 3k per month once theyve been confirmed to their position.

Despite that fact, most of them do not realize that the increment isnt that much. But if u work with a law firm, even though the starting is considered small, we shd put in mind that the increment is quite high. it all depends on ur performance.the harder u work, the more u will get. Unlike the govt sector, where it is based on ur seniority. It wd be extremely sad to know that u just get 5k or 6k after working for 10 years. Uve been working like hell n yet u r given a very little amount of money. Its just not worth it.

Many senior lawyers have a very satisfied income after at least 5 years of working experience. This is the main reason why senior legal officers in AGC quit after working for like 10 years to open their own legal firm. Because they can make much more money by doing that. those who want a high starting salary wd definitely work with the government. After a couple of years, u can see, most of them will quit.

However, u will get many privileges by working with d govt. High housing loan, pension, allowances etc. plus, in case of economic downturn, u r not gonna lose ur job. u cant get those things in private. so, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Its all up to u.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am back!!

its been a while since the last time i posted article on this blog. Like 5 months. Its a freaking long period. Life was so busy back then. Only now i have the chance to write. Coz theres nothing to do, nothing to think, nothing to be worried about. My life is so free. All i wd do when i feel bored is just sleeping. Just imagine how free i am. Lepaking, watching football, talk rubbish - Are my activities these days.

Its ramadan now. Yes. Happy ramadan guys! Its quite late i think . ive not had ramadan at home for a very long time. The last time was in 2003 if im not mistaken. And i still remember the days when i was form 3 where that was the first time i had ramadan in school. That was in fact so fun and exhilarating. Breaking fast with friends, performing tarawikh together. Really miss those days. The coolest thing we did was we skipped classes, going to surau, n sleeping in a small room in there, we called it bilik azan. That was in 2006 where everybody was freaking busy preparing for the spm. Lol. Honestly, i feel like getting back to those

Actually, ive nothing interesting in mind to come up with an interesting article. So this is just a random thoughts from me. I just write what my mind tells me to write. I mean like, spontaneously. i dont wanna write something heavy and serious such as commenting on the current and global issues, analyzing the national politics... what the... Only old and boring people wd do that. its just not cool.

Now, i am back to this blog. i used to be active writing on blog more than one year ago. And i admit that blogging is fun. I promise u guys, i will keep writing. But i wonder why people tend to decorate their blogs with some fancy colors and unwanted things like live traffic etc. its like a trend. Ive been stalking to many blogs and i notice that most of the blogs are colorful. The best thing is those blogs have what they call as live traffic. Enables u to know who has been stalking u. Not the exact person but it tells u where the stalkers are from. This is.. Cool. Oh.. i want to do the same lah.. kahkahkah

And u know what, i just realized that i havent started doing my report yet. I mean the attachment report or whatever u call it. I havent even filled the activities in the funny report book. I just dont understand why there are so many columns in it. Its exactly like a silly diary where u have to write every single thing u do in every hour! Ok.. think positively. I guess, that makes a good lawyer. Pfthhhhh..

ok, its time to call it a night. Happy sahur everyone. Dont skip ur puasa! Unless u r unable to puasa.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

messages in songs

Listening to song is something that i love to do. I love music as well as singing even though i do realize that my voice is not that nice. Some people asked me why do i like to sing. I don’t have single answer to this question and there might be few reasons. The main purpose of going karaoke is just to relax my mind. Whenever i sing i can express something which is hard to be expressed by words. One of the ways to express them is by singing. That is why we should understand the messages contained in the lyrics.

I realize that song is not just a song. Singing does not merely mean singing. Some singers sing for the purpose of conveying messages. There are many songs which contain very beautiful and meaningful lyrics. Many people do not aware this. Most of us just like the rhythms of the song and we do not give a damn to the meaning of the song. The messages are ignored and not conveyed.

When we listen to songs, we will notice that most songs are love songs. Malay songs especially. There are always stories of falling in love, missing someone, and breaking up, in a particular song. These kinds of songs are too many. However, a song might sound like a love song but actually it is not. There will be some hidden meanings in the lyrics which encourage the listener to think what the meanings are.

If you listen to m nasir songs, you will be surprised to know that most of his songs are about praising the god, the importance of taqwa, and tawaqqal. The lyrics are really beautiful and impressive. Some songs are obviously love songs. But actually, they are about loving the god. Some songs tell you about how difficult it is when you are tested by god and how peaceful and calm you will be when you accept whatever thing that happens to you with an open heart. These songs do not sound like nasyid but the content is about praising the god. It is just people do not call him a nasyid singer.

M nasir is not just a singer. He is a song writer, a song creator as well as a preacher. He does not wear kopiah and his appearance does not look like a nasyid singer. But still, he is a preacher. He preaches islam by way of singing. His sincerity in preaching islam can be seen in all lyrics that he has written. Someone does not have to be a nasyid singer, wearing kopiah to preach the religion of islam. The most crucial thing is intention.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Allah awards us with so many things. If we were to count all the nikmah that Allah has given, we will not be able to count them. We are here in this world because of him. We come from him and once we die, we will get back to him. Everything that exists in this world belongs to Allah. Thus, we should not be arrogant with all things that we have. All the properties are temporary and Allah can take them back anytime.

Some people tend to show off expensive things including me. Of course, if we have something expensive, there will be at least a bit of ‘menunjuk’ habit among us. This is quite bad and should be avoided. Islam encourages donation when we have something that exceeds our necessity. With regard to this, sincerity is very crucial. Not only in donating something, but also in everything that we do in our life.
There’s one hadith saying, innamal a’maalu bin niat ( every act begins with intention). This hadith shows that intention plays a big role in our life. If someone has a bad intention, he or she tends to do something bad. Every action goes back to the intention itself. Thus, if our intention in doing everything is just for Allah, i am sure that every single action that we do will be blessed.

There are some misconceptions among muslim where they think that doing something in the name of Allah is only for ibadah, performing prayers, fasting, etc. If they think as such, they have misunderstood the concept of ibadah. Ibadah itself covers many things. Ibadah is not only limited to solat, fasting etc. One who does something in the name of Allah can be said to have done an ibadah. Reading itself is an ibadah if you read with the intention of complying the quran verse which encourages people to read. When we take bath for the purpose of cleaning ourselves, we can be said to have complied a hadith.

We should realize that Islamic values are universal values. Islam teaches us the way of living. Living with sincerity means living in the name of Allah. Living in the name of Allah will always make us feel calm and we will accept whatever test that is given to us. InsyaAllah.