Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am back!!

its been a while since the last time i posted article on this blog. Like 5 months. Its a freaking long period. Life was so busy back then. Only now i have the chance to write. Coz theres nothing to do, nothing to think, nothing to be worried about. My life is so free. All i wd do when i feel bored is just sleeping. Just imagine how free i am. Lepaking, watching football, talk rubbish - Are my activities these days.

Its ramadan now. Yes. Happy ramadan guys! Its quite late i think . ive not had ramadan at home for a very long time. The last time was in 2003 if im not mistaken. And i still remember the days when i was form 3 where that was the first time i had ramadan in school. That was in fact so fun and exhilarating. Breaking fast with friends, performing tarawikh together. Really miss those days. The coolest thing we did was we skipped classes, going to surau, n sleeping in a small room in there, we called it bilik azan. That was in 2006 where everybody was freaking busy preparing for the spm. Lol. Honestly, i feel like getting back to those days..lol

Actually, ive nothing interesting in mind to come up with an interesting article. So this is just a random thoughts from me. I just write what my mind tells me to write. I mean like, spontaneously. i dont wanna write something heavy and serious such as commenting on the current and global issues, analyzing the national politics... what the... Only old and boring people wd do that. its just not cool.

Now, i am back to this blog. i used to be active writing on blog more than one year ago. And i admit that blogging is fun. I promise u guys, i will keep writing. But i wonder why people tend to decorate their blogs with some fancy colors and unwanted things like live traffic etc. its like a trend. Ive been stalking to many blogs and i notice that most of the blogs are colorful. The best thing is those blogs have what they call as live traffic. Enables u to know who has been stalking u. Not the exact person but it tells u where the stalkers are from. This is.. Cool. Oh.. i want to do the same lah.. kahkahkah

And u know what, i just realized that i havent started doing my report yet. I mean the attachment report or whatever u call it. I havent even filled the activities in the funny report book. I just dont understand why there are so many columns in it. Its exactly like a silly diary where u have to write every single thing u do in every hour! Ok.. think positively. I guess, that makes a good lawyer. Pfthhhhh..

ok, its time to call it a night. Happy sahur everyone. Dont skip ur puasa! Unless u r unable to puasa.

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