Wednesday, March 9, 2011

messages in songs

Listening to song is something that i love to do. I love music as well as singing even though i do realize that my voice is not that nice. Some people asked me why do i like to sing. I don’t have single answer to this question and there might be few reasons. The main purpose of going karaoke is just to relax my mind. Whenever i sing i can express something which is hard to be expressed by words. One of the ways to express them is by singing. That is why we should understand the messages contained in the lyrics.

I realize that song is not just a song. Singing does not merely mean singing. Some singers sing for the purpose of conveying messages. There are many songs which contain very beautiful and meaningful lyrics. Many people do not aware this. Most of us just like the rhythms of the song and we do not give a damn to the meaning of the song. The messages are ignored and not conveyed.

When we listen to songs, we will notice that most songs are love songs. Malay songs especially. There are always stories of falling in love, missing someone, and breaking up, in a particular song. These kinds of songs are too many. However, a song might sound like a love song but actually it is not. There will be some hidden meanings in the lyrics which encourage the listener to think what the meanings are.

If you listen to m nasir songs, you will be surprised to know that most of his songs are about praising the god, the importance of taqwa, and tawaqqal. The lyrics are really beautiful and impressive. Some songs are obviously love songs. But actually, they are about loving the god. Some songs tell you about how difficult it is when you are tested by god and how peaceful and calm you will be when you accept whatever thing that happens to you with an open heart. These songs do not sound like nasyid but the content is about praising the god. It is just people do not call him a nasyid singer.

M nasir is not just a singer. He is a song writer, a song creator as well as a preacher. He does not wear kopiah and his appearance does not look like a nasyid singer. But still, he is a preacher. He preaches islam by way of singing. His sincerity in preaching islam can be seen in all lyrics that he has written. Someone does not have to be a nasyid singer, wearing kopiah to preach the religion of islam. The most crucial thing is intention.

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