Thursday, April 22, 2010


What is meant by morality.? Act, there's x single definition. Everyone has their own perspective on this. Law n morality r inter related. U can't separate both of these things. A society may suffer for moral crisis if morality is ignored. Qs arise should we legalize something immoral. Should we permit homosexual? Should we legalize gay n lesbian? Should we allow transsexual? No. We shouldn't. But those who believe in immorality say we should. It is justified to uphold so called supremacy of human right.

Their argument is that it becomes their right to be wht they wanna be. Human right is being used as a tool to justify immoral acts. they say the govt shall x interfere with their way of life. If that's the case, it definitely will amount 2 moral crisis.

If a society is led by an immoral leader, social aspect of the people d b affected as well. Immoral acts ll b made permissible n this is a threat to human civilization. Personally I don't trust a leader who believes in immorality.

What say u?

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