Friday, April 25, 2008

Can we call this ciplak??

To all readers,

Have you heard a news that perodua will produce a new suv? Yaaa.. that will become reality soon. Perodua has officially unveiled the name of the new Perodua which is perodua nautical. It is a replacement model for Kembara. For more info, please visit where we can see the new shape of this new kembara. however, that’s not actually 100% perodua’s car. This little SUV is based on the short wheelbase Daihatsu Terios. The long wheelbase version is also on sale in our local market in the form of the Toyota Rush. Can we call this ciplak?

Question running in my mind, why does perodua takes daihatsu’s car to make their own new model. I see all of our local production car company (proton and perodua) do the same thing. Take a model from japan. And then, make a little changes to the car. Daihatsu logo will be perodua logo. The same thing also happen to proton. Mitsubishi car will be proton car. After that we claim that it is our national car. We make it by ourselves. Using our expertise. Our engineers are the men behind our success in producing our own car. Hey… kamon la…. People are not stupid. They know everything. Don’t we feel shame?? How about if Japanese visit our country and find their car on the road with a different logo. Not Daihatsu logo, but proton logo. They will become curious and ask when did Daihatsu change their logo. Don’t we feel shame with such this situation? The issue now, what actually our experts do? They said, research and development had been made. So, prove it. Don’t just seek help and take other’s car because that’s mean you cheat people. People want something new. Readers, do you know where Viva and Myvi derive? Both of them based on Daihatsu also. And do you know when Daihatsu started selling that car? 1999. already outdated right? But some buyers don’t know. Although they know, they have no choice. Other CBU cars are expensive. they can’t buy Toyota, Mercedeze, or BMW since their purchasing power doesn’t allow them to afford it. So that, they buy local car RELUCTANTLY.

Heyy produa and proton.. wake up now!! people always help you to survive. You bear heavy task to satisfy and payback their willingness to help you remain in this industry.

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cucujebat said...

A good piece. All this while Malalysian have been deceived by the so call malaysia boleh spirit. Some of them thought we actually made the car from scratch. Fortunately malaysian are not so gullible to believe all that crap. For those following the motor industry, they know that only one company that can be called car manufacturer - proton. The rest are mere assemblers.