Tuesday, March 17, 2009


While I was in uitm, many law students speak English fluently and make it as a language for daily conversation. This indirectly help me to improve my English by communicating with them. Right now, I live in an environment where most of the people cant speak English. i dont mean to underestimate but that is the truth. maybe i never heard. How can I improve my English? This makes me quite worry and im still thinking the way to speak very fluent.

Ability to speak English fluently is a an important skill which only certain people have it. This skill is essential due to the reason that, English is a global language. English is used as medium of communication in the entire world. It can be said that English is the most used language in the world. In Malaysia, all students are compulsory to take English subject. All Malaysia students learn English for 11 years.

Not all people can speak English fluently even though we have learned it quite long. People who can speak English will have good impression and respected. In my view, some Malaysians cant speak English because they don’t use it in daily life. They use malay all the time and become used to that language. Malay is their official language while communicating and they use English very seldom.

The way to improve English is only one word. Application. Language need to be applied. In other word, it need to be always used. When we always use that language, we will become used and comfortable to the language. Everything that we want to convey will automatically appear in our mind if use that all the time. Everything in the mind must be in English. What we say to ourselves must be in English. So that, we got no problem in communicating in English because every single words in our mind are in English which implicitly make the words that we want to say appear automatically.

Talk to yourself in English ,thinking in english and make everything in my mind in English is my own way to improve that language. As a lawyer( god willing) to be, it is compulsory for me to be able to speak English. Lawyer need to deal with clients and arguing in the court. Some of the clients might speak English and certain judges tend to use English. Lawyer has no choice. By hook or by crook, i need to have that ability. lets hope and pray for that.

if all malaysians speak english and make it as daily conversation, how about the supremacy of malay language like what the ppsmi's protestors strive for?


Brian Barker said...

Apparently President Obama wants everyone to learn a foreign language, but which one should it be?

The British learn French, the Australians study Japanese, and the Americans prefer Spanish. Yet this leaves Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Arabic, out of the equation.

It's time to move forward adopt a neutral non-national language, taught universally in schools worldwide,in all nations.

An interesting video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LV9XU

Detail can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

aeirah said...

english is an important language..
to be able to speak fluently,
maybe we shouldn't wait for others to speak to us first..
we should be the brave one and speak that first sentence..
but undeniably
bahasa is important too..
a judge once said to those who could speak english pefectly
"jika anda fasih berbahasa malaysia,
maka anda mmg bakal peguam yang bagus..
fasih dua2 bahasa"
leh itu suasana di UKM mgajar kita fasih dua2 bahasa...

miss susi said...

well..agree with you..english is important..ya..but for me..speaking is easier than writting..in any carier we took also using english as the method of learning..so..how`s life as a law`s stdnt??hmm...nice blog..get it 4rm farha..my ex-classmate(convent)..

M. Syafiq said...

Want to improve English?

Kenapa tak cuba MOOTING? Maksud saya, pertandingan MOOTING.

Insyaallah, kebolehan anda bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris akan meningkat dengan drastiknya selepas habis sesebuah pertandingan.

Sebab di sebalik ini adalah kerana anda akan membaca begitu banyak sekali bahan dalam bahasa Inggeris dan seterusnya kena berhujah pula di depan hakim dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Mahu tak mahu, anda kena juga kuasai bahasa Inggeris dalam masa yang singkat.

Try it yourself...

It looks good in your future resume too... ;-)

p/s: Why all UKM mooters are non-Malays? Where are the Malays??? What a sad fact.