Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recently, raja petra who is well known as rpk, a fugitive blogger challenged the govt to try his case in uk court.
He has been staying there for about a year running away from bein caught by malaysian police. The police has is still searching for him n want to bring him to court to b charged.

Rpk said that the reason why he runs away from msia is bcoz he doesn't believe to our judiciary. If he stays here, he ll b charged n definitely ll b convicted. Rpk chickened out. He's a chicken of the first order.

In the past he had been shouting like hell criticizing the govt n its instruments. All r rotten n he will blame all things which do x favor him. He made wrongful allegations which r totally baseless n I can describe him as a tool for certain irresponsible individuals.

He has been caught by d police be4 n the police has completed their investigation n rpk needs to be charged. He's is so coward for running away. If he feels that he's innocent just go for the trial. He is x guilty until proven guilty. So simple.

he wants to be tried in uk. That's stupid. Does uk court hv any jurisdiction to try him? No, they don't. He's not a war criminal. He's fugitive perhaps. That's y he had courage to say as such. There's x legal provision which allows the uk court to try him.

N I've x idea how he could stay there for a long period n how did he escape from msia.
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