Tuesday, May 18, 2010

University ranking

University ranking is one of the hottest issues this week. The 2010 asian uni. Ranking (rum) has been released n it shows 5 local uni have succeeded 2 place themselves in top 100. However d ranking of some uni such as um n ukm has dropped. I'm quite disappointed with how d local medias deal with this. It was reported in d back pages of only 1 mainstream newspaper. Were they unaware of this?

when uni ranking drops, people will condemn n question its methodology. the criteria to evaluate d uni ll b changed every year. Perhaps this is d main reason y d uni ranking drops.

However, we must realize that d rankings r x a perfect measure of a uni actual worth. Sometimes, its kinda subjective to measure such uni. There r some universities which r good in 2 or 3 fields where they hv specialized their expertise. For example, iiu can be said as 1 of d best universities in msia where they hv produced so many experts but they r x listed in d top 100. Last year they were placed in top 300. But we can't say they r x good n as far as I'm concerned iiu graduates r marketable. They use fully english when it comes to learning n teaching n they have x prob in speaking english, soft skill etc.

A deeper context of evaluation must b made. N they r looking 4ward of it. More aspects n elements should b measured. University's work at national level, community engagement etc must b taken into account.

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